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Mountain Top Dentistry in Moody, AL

General Dentistry
in Moody

General Treatment With
Mountain Top Dentistry

One of the most important parts of lifelong dental health is setting good routines and practices early. Our practice works hard to provide comprehensive oral education and dental hygiene in Odenville, Moody, and the surrounding areas. With Mountain Top Dentistry in Moody, family dentistry is comfortable, safe, and full-spectrum. Our practice works with each patient to evaluate current health and dental concerns, and to create a roadmap plan that will help you achieve your dental vision. Our highly-trained team can also provide you with at-home dental tips to keep your oral health up in-between visits.

Comprehensive Exams

One of the initial steps to diagnosing a dental issue is to receive a comprehensive exam. These exams will allow our team to get a current oral health reading as well as identify any problems and develop a treatment plan.

Oral Cancer Screenings

There are around 53,000 yearly new cases of oral cancer in the United States. By getting regular oral cancer screenings, you can catch the problem before it gets any worse and receive treatment early on.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are a great way to get a full view of the mouth and diagnose any issues. Our practice uses advanced non-radiation digital and panoramic x-rays to make the process painless and quick.


One of the most important parts of oral health is regular cleanings and hygiene care. Our highly trained hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth and walk you through any concerns. We use advanced technology like Cavitron, Piezo, and sonic scaling to remove debris and any harmful plaque.

Periodontal Therapy

This type of therapy works to identify and treat gum disease before it affects your health or causes major tooth decay and loss. Our team uses Arestin to treat gum disease in addition to root planing and scaling.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a necessary element to strengthen teeth and keep them healthy. Our team will provide fluoride treatments at the end of the cleanings. For children, it is recommended every visit, and for adults, on an as-needed basis.


Mouthguards, both sports and nighttime options, can help to prevent damage to your teeth through physical sport and bruxism/teeth grinding. This can lead to misshapen or unhealthy teeth and jaws. Our team can provide the right mouthguard for your situation.


Dental anxiety can prevent you from getting the proper care you need. Our team understands the importance of safety and comfort in dentistry, as it is one of our biggest principles. We can provide safe anesthesias like nitrous oxide to increase your comfort during your appointments.

Emergency Care

A cracked tooth or toothache can cause disruptions in your day. For dental emergencies, our team is happy to see walk-ins with the goal of making you comfortable and pain-free in the same day.


Our team is dedicated to technological advancements to increase patient safety and comfort. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology like intraoral cameras and digital scanners and impressions to allow a better picture of your mouth and soft tissues.

General Dentistry
Caring for the whole family
Our practice offers advanced hygiene and digital impression options to aid in comprehensive care.
Restorative Dentistry
Meeting aesthetic dental needs
Our restorative dental services allow you to bring back the balance between form and practical dental function.
Innovative and discreet smiles
For a discreet teeth straightening option, we offer Invisalign clear aligners customized to fit you.